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there is a domestic nexus or international nexus. as you know, the government has not actually said who they think is culpable for this attack. so it's going -- we're going to see this played out over the next couple of days or maybe weeks. >> do you think they know? >> i don't believe actually they know. if they knew, let's say, a terrorist organization that was a foreign terrorist organization, they would have said something by now. i think the smart thing to do is to let the law enforcement folks and the intelligence folks do their business, because this is what they've been doing for the last ten years. >> were you surprised that something like this could happen at a boston marathon? >> not at all. the boston marathon is obviously a very high profile american event. a lot of people are there. cameras are there. the media is there. and if i were a terrorist, i would want to attack something like this. >> so it's only natural that someone who wants to attack us would use this venue. >> they would use this thing because it's a high profile event. they knew that whoever did this, whether it's an i
the government to express themselves. and the official patriots day -- yesterday was april 15, also tax day, but the official patriots day is april 19. and of course in 1995 on april 19, timothy mcveigh blew up the oklahoma city courthouse. that was a much bigger explosive, 150 people lost their lives, but you can't understate the damages here. we only have three dead but the headline in the "new york times" has an observation by a rhode island state trooper, so many people without legs. so there's a lot of trauma here. damage was done. i think the way it was done, a lot of clues have been left for law enforcement. i'm optimistic as i sit here that the perpetrator will be caught. i think when that person is caught, we're going to see this is not an international al qaeda type affair but more of somebody who has a grievance against the federal government. >> here in d.c. it's emancipation day, another annual holiday. we've listed so many historical tragedies in the month of april. as we look ahead, how can the d.c. government, some of the security team here, assure people hey, get on the met
and federal government agency associated with jttf and many others on their own, including boston pd, more than 1,000 law enforcement officers across many agencies have been assigned to this investigation via the command post. they began canvassing sources, reviews public data bases and conducting interviews with eyewitnesses and others to determine who is responsible for this crime. we are doing this carefully, yet with a sense of urgency. all across the nation and around the world, the force of the united states is working hard to locate those responsible. already the fbi received more than 2,000 tips as of noon today. many of which have already been reviewed, analyzed, and vetted. we will continue to work around the clock tirelessly, side by side with our partners to continue to investigate an act on these leads. regarding who might be suspected of this event, the investigation is in its infancy. as law enforcement, it's our responsibility to thoroughly review every piece of evidence. some of our activity you may see, some of it you won't. but rest assured, we are working hard to get th
, the president, in the federal government to treat this as a terrorism investigation. build it gradually >>> a 78-year-old man was about to finish the boston marathon. >> i had a good day and i was feeling really good. >> then the first of two explosions knocked him off his feet. it didn't keep him down. we'll hear bill iffrig's story this morning. >>> officials say no one expected this attack so how can cities protect the public from unexpected danger? former new york mayor rudy giuliani will offer some lessons from 9/11. >>> plus, we'll show you how the people of boston rushed in to help the victims on "cbs this morning." wow, i've been claritin clear for 10 days! when your allergies start, doctors recommend taking one non-drowsy claritin every day during your allergy season for continuous relief. 18 days! 17 days! 22 days of continuous relief. live claritin clear. every day. walgreens can help when you're at the corner of "allergies" and "even more allergies." come to walgreens for expert advice and the right products, like claritin bonus packs - now $18.99 with balance rewards card. at the co
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4